Owl Farm x Prisma Guitars Release Show with Monarch

Photos: Mikey Gould
Words:  Brandon A. Parks

The Owl Farm x Prisma Guitars beer release on Friday night was a crystalline example of what happens when friends and community come together to share what it is they love to do.

This collaboration could not have been more obvious. The ingredients: skateboarding - bred into the identity and ethos of Booze Brothers (and it’s associated brand Owl Farm) through the iconic imagery of artist and skateboarder Ben Horton ($lave Skateboards), and music - the attention to detail, design, build, and function forged by the skateboards you skated by Nick Pourfad and Max Killigrew of Prisma Guitars.

To display the epic convergence of these elements, Monarch, with members like Matt Weiss who expertly poured the beer you just slammed (that’s it bud), who envisioned how this could all come together, alongside Dominic Holmes, Andrew Ware, and Sonny Yates, the dudes delivered a quantum leap of a debut of songs that left the crowd reeling from their flight. The Daft Punk encore was an ambitious and hell-of-a-good-time way to close the show, as well as a cunning nod for what’s to come from the ever-evolving band.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, the friends and community involved in this project were as connected as that meme from Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Mikey Gould was there (of course) to shoot photos of his friends on the stage, and was kind enough to share those with us. If you weren’t there, you certainly missed out, and here is the proof: